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As of May 10th, 2013. this marks the completion of Jim's tenth CD

"If Guitars Could Speak Plainly"

It is the 2nd in his new series containing mostly guitar and voice renderings of many new songs but also a couple of oldies in a form that many are asking for when the see Jim perform solo. This project is a compilation of thoughts about life and all of it's facets, from the energetic to the silly; from the tough realities to the hopeful. It is available now in Jim's store at ReverbNation. Jim is in the process of gathering the different items that will be made available in his store there. Meanwhile check out his Reverbnation page!

Jim Drew at Reverbnation!

If Guitars Could Speak

Jim Drew is an unforgettable performer. He cranks hard on the rock n' roll stuff and slides sweet on the gentle stuff – he gets intimate with his audiences in either style. Jim brings folks along for an energetic ride with both his music and his lyrics. No one is just "a listener" with Jim, as if he was some pleasant background noise. Jim's popularity (equally with patrons in a bar, a concert hall, or a sanctuary) arises from his deep devotion to excellence in the crafting of a profound musical experience. He does so much more than play a six-string – that guitar speaks, weeps, cries, yells, and celebrates in Jim's hands.


People today crave much more than just some good tunes. They want a significant moment through a concert master, someone who knows how to treat them and not just the instrument up on the stage. This is the expertise of Jim Drew: taking pain, hilarity, disaster, reality, and fantasy from the lives of the audience, weaving it with his own journey, and producing "a moment" in the mix of music and message. What people yearn for – it happens. Truly unforgettable.  To contact someone for booking

Some New Interest

In the works are conversations on Jim's first world tour. While Jim is working hard on the release of three new CDs he has had some contacts in countries overseas and is contemplating the impact of his music worldwide.

One of the more influential projects will be recorded in Nashville. Jim's project with the legendary musician/songwriter, Randy Stonehill has already shown great success in it's sound and they are looking forward to finishing this project this year. Jim's music was highly influenced through Randy's career and songwriting from the 70s right up till today. Randy is still releasing his own projects every couple of years and they are as great when he started putting them out there years ago. Randy still performs live and is still and an amazing showman who keeps it all moving forward in thought and writing.

For more information about Jim and his music contact him at:Phone: 585.683.9655